Code of Conduct

Here are some common sense guidelines and facts for both riders and non-riders alike:

Horse Dung
  • Horse dung is mainly digested grass.
  • Horse dung is good for biodiversity and is useful in a compost bin in small amounts.
  • Horse dung is biodegradable.
  • Unlike dog faeces, horse dung from a healthy horse presents no threat to human health.
  • It’s different for dogs. It is an offence if a person does not immediately remove their dog’s faeces from any public open space. This includes riders or drivers who take their dog with them and includes paths, tracks, the beach etc.
  • Horses usually dung within a short distance of the start of the ride.
  • Some horses never dung when exercised
  • Some horses will automatically stop, some will slow down, others will dung at any speed and the rider may be unaware.
  • It would be courteous and responsible to position your horse at the side of the path, if you can, before it starts or, failing that, dismount and kick the dung to the side.

Never clean out your horsebox or trailer in a car park, lay by or onto a path. If your horse dungs whilst tied up outside your vehicle please pick it up and take it home with you.

Enjoy your ride but leave no trace of your visit


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