Riding Ability



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What is your level of riding ability?




Before your trek, your riding ability will be quickly assessed and, if necessary, some hints and tips for rider safety will be given.

A person who has never ridden or only ridden at walking pace.  For safety we do not take beginners on treks due to the nature of riding in the wild.

A person who is capable of walking and knows how to do a rising trot.


A person who is competent and capable of doing a rising trot and some cantering and jumping, and is able to competently turn, steer and stop a horse.

Advanced Intermediate
A person who is competent and capable at canter and gallop, and is comfortable jumping.


A person who is competent and capable in all disciplines on all types of horses.


Our aim is for you to enjoy a leisurely horse ride surrounded by the wonderful beauty of the Irish countryside

For your own safety please be honest about your level of riding ability