What to wear


What to wear while horse trekking

 For your comfort and safety, you should ensure that you wear appropriate riding gear 


Riding Hat (Mandatory) Hard riding hat complying to the current B.S.I standard (BSEN 1384 /PAS015) We can supply one if required. Bicycle helmets are not acceptable
Riding boots or jodhpur boots & half-chaps. Strong walking shoes or boots with a small heel and a smooth sole will suffice for beginners. Runners/trainers are not acceptable  (NB)  You will not be allowed to ride wearing runners or trainers.
Jodhpurs/breeches Thick leggings or tracksuit bottoms would suffice Jeans could be worn but might cause friction
Outdoor clothing Any jacket appropriate for the weather – preferably waterproof. Sweatshirts/tee shirts should have long sleeves Fasten jackets properly – no flapping. No short sleeves. No loose scarves. No dangling jewellery
Riding gloves Recommended but optional                                      –
Body protector Recommended but optional  


Ultimately it is the rider’s responsibility to dress appropriately and we reserve the right to cancel any trek in the interests of the safety of the rider.